Friday, September 4, 2009

One in Eight Million

What does a blind wine taster, ex-bank robber, singing waitress, and tabloid photographer all have in common?  They are all from New York, and they are all featured in a segment on the NY Times website, "One in Eight Million", where they discuss numerous New Yorkers' lives through sound and images.  Various people with interesting professions & lifestyles are illustrated through their voice and through exquisite black & white photography.  The audio pieces from each project contain the voice of the selected New Yorker, along with background sounds to further illustrate the lifestyle of a particular person.  Although each story is incredibly unique from the others, the black & white photography links all of the projects together.  The depth of field used in the photography creates an interesting point of view, enabling the observer to see the New Yorker in a different perspective.

My favorite is the Subway Busker & Wedding Wardrober.  Check them all out here:

I would love to pursue something like this for my IP project.  I would love to capture the personality of someone through photography, design, and sound.  I think it is a fascinating way for someone to tell a story.  I think I could use this type of format to create a story for someone or a group of people who are in need, and want their stories to be heard.

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