Monday, August 31, 2009


Had a great day at the US Open today.  Every year my dad and I go to the US Open, a tradition since I was six years old.  Each August I look forward to the delicious food, great tennis, and energetic atmosphere.  It is also tradition that my dad treats me to a US Open t-shirt.  Throughout the day I always scope out all the shirt styles throughout the grounds, but 90% of the time I come home with a Nike shirt. They truly have the most fresh & modern US Open designs.  

Took pictures of some of the shirts with my phone today.  Note the RF Monogram (Roger Federer) shirts on the right.   This shirt was a popular option today, and most expensive (over $40).  This logo design was even noted in the Times today:  

The typeface used in the logo is Bodoni, which reflects a sense of high-end fashion.  Love the use of negative space in the lettering. Although I enjoy the simple RF design, I wanted a t-shirt that shows the energy of the US Open and NYC.  I got this one:

Love the various cluttered typefaces throughout the t-shirt.  If you look close, it is a word-map of NYC. 

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great Piece of Art

The trailer for "Where the Wild Things Are" is unbelievable.  I love how the first image in the trailer is the shadow of the monster's horns.  Also appreciate the childlike typeface.  The song in the trailer, "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire, is an absolute perfect fit.  I am very excited to see this movie, I just hope the movie lives up to be just as amazing as the trailer:


Time is such a crazy concept.  My brother sent me this National Geographic article the other day, and it depicts the change of time on a very large scale.  This article shows what NYC looked like through the eyes of Henry Hudson in 1609, and it compares these images to photos of 2009.  Check out the whole thing here: