Monday, August 31, 2009


Had a great day at the US Open today.  Every year my dad and I go to the US Open, a tradition since I was six years old.  Each August I look forward to the delicious food, great tennis, and energetic atmosphere.  It is also tradition that my dad treats me to a US Open t-shirt.  Throughout the day I always scope out all the shirt styles throughout the grounds, but 90% of the time I come home with a Nike shirt. They truly have the most fresh & modern US Open designs.  

Took pictures of some of the shirts with my phone today.  Note the RF Monogram (Roger Federer) shirts on the right.   This shirt was a popular option today, and most expensive (over $40).  This logo design was even noted in the Times today:  

The typeface used in the logo is Bodoni, which reflects a sense of high-end fashion.  Love the use of negative space in the lettering. Although I enjoy the simple RF design, I wanted a t-shirt that shows the energy of the US Open and NYC.  I got this one:

Love the various cluttered typefaces throughout the t-shirt.  If you look close, it is a word-map of NYC. 

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