Saturday, September 5, 2009

400 West 55th

For my senior project, I am definitely going to be utilizing my graphic design skills.  My design classes at Michigan have taught me to be aware of how images & typography integrate to create great design.  These skills have helped me not only in my design classes on computer-based projects, but also in other hands-on ways.

For my sister & brother-in-law’s wedding gift, I created a 4 feet by 5 feet painting for their NYC apartment.  I decided to use their address “400 West 55th” as the type for this piece because it will always be their first address together.  I used several shapes, images, and different lettering sizes to create a modern look for their apartment.

I finished the painting on Tuesday.  Took this quick picture in my garage from my phone:

My sister was aware that I was creating a painting for their apartment, and called me the other day to ask what color they should paint the apartment walls, because she didn't want the wall color to clash with the painting.  After a few days of thinking about it, she decided to keep all the walls in the family room white, and paint the main wall, where the painting will go, red.  The painting will look great against the red well.  I am waiting for her to send me a picture of how the painting looks in the space.  After all, it is all about the big picture and how the artwork fits in the environment.


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  1. your painting looks amazing on the red wall. will send you an updated pic asap