Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I got it.

This is it.

I know what I am going to focus the next eight months of my life on: the “new homeless” of 2010.  I want to dedicate this school year to document the working poor families who are struggling today more than ever because of the current state of the economy.  I want to focus on the families who are under severe stress because they are without a job, without a home.  Right now the numbers are crazy.  The percentage of unemployment is at the highest it’s been in years.  

But numbers are hard to visualize. 

I want to create awareness.  I will never solve the current issue of homelessness, but maybe I can express through art the need society has to take care of one another.  I can express through design, photography, and storytelling.  I want to create a cause to remind the US of the staggering number of people who are without a job and thus, a home.

A positive, energetic college community surrounds me, where life is good.  I don’t need to worry about serious issues on a daily basis.  I have good friends, a roof over my head, and study at one of the best Universities in the world.  Although I am not directly affected by the rise in unemployment, I will be in six months.  I know I am incredibly fortunate to have a great support system at home; I can’t even begin to imagine where or what I would do without a job and a place to live.  

I believe I can use my academic resources to help homeless families who have lost their job.  I have terrific resources available at this school, combined with an artistic eye.  I believe I can create a campaign to change the way the “new homeless” are viewed, from a new perspective: from the eye of a college art student.



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