Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekly Update March 25

This week I spent about 20 hours on my book.  I created sentence breaks for all the quotes, figured out the sequence of images, and resolved all of the spreads.  I edited all the images and resized the captions, which took the most time.  I wanted to be sure the images were crisp with high contrast, yet not overexposed.  

My book is 99% complete.  I am currently working on finessing the intro/conclusion of the book. Today in critique we went over specific details I need to change; I am going to make those changes tonight because tomorrow I am meeting with Hannah to go over the book one last time. I am sending off the book to the printer on Tuesday.

Here are two spreads I resolved this week- they are the only spreads without an image (besides intro/conclusion). 

I also went to Groundworks this week and they helped me upload Joe’s voicemails onto the computer.  In the messages he talks about how the Michigan Department of Transportation is forcing Camp Take Notice to leave in 30 days.  This will be one of the sound clips in the gallery.  He left me two voicemails- so I need to decide if I want to keep both in raw form- or combine the message to be one direct voicemail, combining the most important spoken elements.

I also presented this sound piece in critique today.  It is during an interview with Joe when  I asked him if he wanted to participate in my project and take pictures.  He was so excited and I thought it would be interesting to show a behind-the-scenes of our dialogue and see his reaction when I asked him to collaborate on the project.  Everyone really enjoyed the sound piece, but after a few minutes of discussion, we realized this might in fact take away from the gallery space.  This piece is almost too laid back and doesn’t fit as well as the other sound pieces.

I guess I really liked that piece because of the part where he talks about competition in the work place.  He basically says to pursue what you love and don't doubt your abilities because ultimately in any job there will always be someone better than you.  I think it’s great advice.    

This weekend I am going to work non-stop on the book until it is absolutely perfect.  I'm also going to rerecord the introduction to my "doorknobs" sound piece.  

I also plan to meet with Stephanie to go over the sound I want to use in the gallery.

We have two weekends left to finish this project- scary & exciting!

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  1. Meg,
    Clearly you've been moving full steam ahead.

    From your description, I'm guessing there might some clips you love that might not serve the project as its shown in the gallery. It's always hard to let those things go!

    Good luck with re-recording the narration. I was reading an essay by Ira Glass this evening where he pointed out that radio narration should sound like a story you'd share at dinner conversation --simple language, direct, engaging. You might find it helpful to do a take where you imagine you're " telling" your text to someone sitting across from you at dinner-- someone who's never heard the story before, but who has a receptive ear.

    Have fun--

    Look forward to listening on Tuesday,