Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekly Update- March 12, 2010

This semester is seriously flying by.  The past two weeks were busy- I did a lot of thinking about the gallery presentation, which was very important because I wanted to figure out how to best direct my time for the next month.  

I spent about 4 hours thinking about presentation, including traveling to camping stores, checking out tents, figuring out logistics for using an outdoor space, etc.  After this week, talking to Hannah & the gallery coordinators- everyone agreed it is too much of a distraction, in technical/logistical/conceptual ways.  In my last post I resolved a potential presentation idea that I am working with at the moment.  I think this presentation will allow the work to speak for itself.

I also worked on editing down the images I want to use for the book (2 hours).  This took longer than imagined, and I still have not resolved the exact number I want to use.  I made a contact sheet of all of the images and realized I had overlooked two very important images that were very strong compositionally & content-wise.  I am glad I found those.  

Also thought about possible book spread options, but realized this is not the way to go about creating a mock-up.  I need to focus on each image as it relates to the next, think about white space, think about using full spread for one image, mixing up image size, using text, etc.

Tonight I spent about an hour editing the sound piece again- I took Stephanie & Melissa Allison’s advice and edited out redundant lines, which shortened the piece by a good 25 seconds.  I believe the piece can be edited by another 20 seconds. 

I also spent about 8 hours last week working on the AA Article.  Megan Levad was a big help as she reminded me to use concise and direct words for this 800-word piece.  I submitted the written article, sound piece, and about 5 images from the project.  The editor really liked the article and just informed me that the piece will run in Sunday’s paper.

Met with Megan Levad today regarding my thesis – we both agreed that I should structure the beginning of the thesis like I did in my AA news article.  I need to rework a few things in my thesis but I am not going to focus on the thesis for a few weeks.

What’s Next:

I need to redo all of the black/white images.  Patrick showed me the best way to edit the photos, so I need to redo all the ones I am using for the book (26 images).  This will be very time consuming but I believe will be worth it- the blacks will be crisper, whites stronger, and the images sharper.  Goal:  Do 10 images Friday, 8 on Saturday, 8 on Sunday

Make a complete mock-up of my book.  We talked today about how the structure & flow of the book is important; each image needs to speak to the next. 

I want to make a very detailed timeline – day by day – for the next month.  

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  1. Meg, you're really moving. The sound piece is solid- I noticed the changes you made- it's much smoother and it has a solid story to follow.
    In terms of the gallery- I think it's a good desicion to move the display from the tent installation to photographs and sound exclusively... this way people can listen and see snapshots of what the experience has been- it's important to let the viewer put the pieces together on their own, if give them too much it can take away from the strength of the piece.
    The book ideas sound interesting. I can't wait to see what you've done by next week. You're on the right track in thinking about spreads in terms of how text relates to image, white space, etc. but also it's good to get an idea of how the whole thing is going to look (ex- putting each spread up on a wall- kindof like what you've done). Are you thinking of having this book in the gallery?
    Let me know if you want to chat about anything- keep chugging along-well done.