Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Presentation for the Gallery

I like this grid- it is a happy medium between blowing up 3 large photos, and printing all 30 small.  I think this is a nice number as it gives you a good sense of the tent community.

I think a title panel is necessary in the grid.  If I was walking past this, I would be a little confused and assume this was a piece on camping.  Tonight I am going to work on the title panel.  It needs to blend into the grid, but I think a pop of color is good.

Adrianne and I spent some time today talking about which images work best for the gallery & the whole homeless experience.  I have edited it down to these.

"Walking home from Whole Foods- I live just past the horizon":  the establishing image; sets the tone, mood, and gives the tent community context.

"My stately home and storage tent":  Shows the tents and his ironic captions off the bat.

"Inside my tent looking out": The most important photo, and my favorite. Love the caption, too.

"Organization is Key": Gives you an insider's perspective of the inside of his tent, details in this photo important

"The Essentials": Another insider's peek into the communal tent kitchen.

"Yes, I have to wash all these, but not in the fire pit."  Great perspective, not an image we see often.

"Snow Crushed the Tent":  Highlights the drama, struggle, and it's a strong image.

"My new place- had to downsize":  Shows his sarcasm and most importantly, his determination to move on.

All photographs will be printed on matte paper, 22x17, and hung with thin silver pins.


  1. Hi Megan.

    I just came across your comments/link on Mark Horvath's FB page.

    What an inspiring project you have going here. I'm looking forward to purchasing a copy of your book.

    Thank you for all you are doing to get the word out about our homeless folks.


  2. Thank you very much Sherry! I am going to make a softcover version as well on Blurb so that the price will be cheaper!