Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Down to Two

Okay I am trying to decide between these two covers.  The first one is more direct, to the point.  But in the second one, his handwriting sets the overall tone of the book.


  1. Meg,
    I might put in a vote for the handwritten title (as it communicates J's voice so nicely), although the visual relationship with the subtitle looks like it needs some finessing.

    Feel free to grab me if you'd like an extra eye.


  2. Meg,

    I, too, was initially thinking that the handwriting was the way to go.
    But my second thought was concern: would using the handwriting on the cover steal too much of the thunder from the inside?

    The first title (with a camera, without a home, one man's journey...) sounds a bit as if it was the camera that somehow led him out of homelessness. I wonder if there is a third direction to consider -- typesetting words that J spoke instead of wrote (I miss doorknobs. one man's journey...) The text has his voice and starts to bring us in to the content of the image, not the fact of the image.

    Happy to continue talking tomorrow as well.