Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scoping out the Tents

Today I went to several camp stores to find the perfect size tent.  I wanted to get an idea of size and brands I like.  This one store, Campmor, had a bunch of tents on clearance, which was great.  Mark said I could pitch the tent outside Work Gallery on State Street, in one of the empty parking spots.  He said “the bigger the better” because people will more likely enter a bigger space than crawling through a small tent. 

The 10x10 size tents were ideal, but I think they may be too big in width for a parking spot space.  I think I will go for the 9x9 tent.  Just to be sure I just sent Mark an e-mail asking his thoughts on tent size dimensions for the parking spot location.

Many factors go into the decision behind a tent, especially color.  I would ideally like a green or blue tent, since those are the tent colors at Camp Take Notice.

I am waiting on Mark’s reply so that I can head tomorrow to Campmor and pick up the tent. 

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