Sunday, November 8, 2009

Reaching Out

I was very excited when Bonnie Rubin, from the Chicago Tribune (earlier post), wrote back to my e-mail.  She has written several articles following various homeless families.  I asked her how she goes about gaining access to such stories.  She wrote a lengthy e-mail and gave great insight, and recommended to work with school liaisons in finding a family.  She said it isn’t up to the shelters to speak for the homeless families.  She recommended I give the shelters my card, and see if any homeless family would be interested.  Just be available.  Lastly, she told me about a great resource:  

I contacted Diane Nelin, who runs this organization.  Diane works to raise awareness for homeless children and youth.  She also collects excellent articles about homelessness under the “homelessness in the news” section.  She was optimistic about the project and wrote:  “I'm sure it will shine a much needed light on an issue that needs good reporting, as Bonnie continues to do, and creative ways of telling people's stories as you aim to do.”

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