Sunday, November 15, 2009


I spent some time this weekend listening to the 50 minute audio interview and marking off important parts of our conversation.  I wrote down specific time stamps where memorable lines were delivered.  I am wondering the best way to go about presenting the story to listeners- a 2 to 3 minute multi-media story like I originally thought?  I feel like now that I have this interview, I can even look into other options of presenting his story.  A sound installation?  Multi-media story?  

Here is a one minute clip of Jay talking about how his life spiraled downward financially.  This audio is in raw form; I have not touched/edited this yet because I am waiting to see about purchasing Final Cut Pro. 


  1. Meg,
    Thanks for posting this. Your questions about length and form are good ones. As are your reflections in the previous post. Let's make sure to check in on Tuesday either during class or in the afternoon.


  2. I think that his comment is good for illustrating his past life- when he had enough money he could invest in stocks: a riches to rags kinda story. But I don't think that it fully explains how he got in his current situation. He had 6,000 which became 18,000 and then lost it all. That is a good chunk of money, but not really enough to explain his current situation; it acts as a good illustration of his past financial success, but also feels like an excuse. I am curious as to what kind of approach you take when interviewing- I like how you re-worded your questions to get more of an elaborate responce, but are you taking this as their side of the story- and you are just there to dictate, or are you skeptical or analytical in your tanslation? How much do you question their statements? Not that one interview style is better than another, I just want to know your journalistic slant- is this a documentary or an expose'?