Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quick Check In

I'm going to post a quick update on what I have been doing this weekend.  I will follow up with more of my work later this week.

What I did:

Had a meeting with one of the photography professors, Ed West.  He provided very helpful feedback on my photos and I am excited to shoot more photos in the tent community when I return from break.

Had another interview with Jay last night.  I felt this interview was even better because I was more comfortable and willing to ask deeper questions.  I will post some of the audio later this week!

I made a list of possible ways I can visualize Jay's story to the audience (ex: photography, graphic design, typography, etc.)

What I learned:

To be patient and not get ahead of myself in thinking how I am going to visualize the final presentation of my project in April.

What I am going to do next:

I look forward to writing about my experience during the second interview with Jay.  I feel the second interview was richer and straight to the point.  I am going to take this time to sit down and make a time sheet for the second interview and mark off important parts.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

1 comment:

  1. Meg,
    I'm glad you've been so open to getting input from various faculty. Ed West is an excellent resource and thoughtful critic.
    I'll be interested to hear some clips from your follow up interview with Jay, and know more of your continuing reflections.
    On the technical end, have you launched into Final Cut Express yet?
    Let's try and sit down to listen together this week--