Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hannah sent me a link to an interesting new photo essay entitled "Home" which focuses on the subject of the housing crisis in Michigan.  The photographer, Austin R. Hermann, takes black & white photos of various families in Michigan standing in front of their house.  The artist asks the participants two questions each:  (1) What do you think is broken in the current economic/housing system?  and (2) Are you moving?

The series is cohesive because of the layout and structure of the series.  I like how the artist chose to ask participants the same two questions, however I am not sure if I like the questions he chose to ask.  I like seeing work like this because it echoes the problem we face in the US.  This is very helpful because it provides me another way of looking at how to present my work.  I just listened to a 3-minute NPR piece on this artist.  He felt he took better photographs and got better interviews when he spent a longer time with the individual.  He also said people were very willing to participate in the project.

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