Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekly Post December 10

What I did:

Most of my time (6+ hours) was dedicated to putting my presentation together for December Review.  It was very important for me to communicate my process/research/objectives, so I spent a lot of time thinking about how I can convey this in a comprehensible form to the panel.  I really want the presentation to demonstrate how passionate I am about the topic, so I really hope that comes through.

I also spent two hours putting together the abstract for John Luther.  This is a vital component because this is the ultimate first impression.

In my last post I mentioned I was going to pick up photos from Jay.  I did, and found the new photos to be really sad.  The tents collapsed from the snow, and he took pictures to document this.  I will post all of these images within the next few days.  Some key captions he wrote, that are worth note:
"No one should live like this" (image of collapsed tent)
"My New Place - Had to Downsize" (image of his new, smaller tent)
"I'm homeless, but I detest panhandlers...I can't get this guy to leave my front yard." (image of panhandler)

I am going to post the pictures up very soon.

What I accomplished/achieved/discovered:

Hannah and my peers gave very helpful feedback after I presented on Tuesday. 
Sometimes it is hard to take a step back from your project because you are so close to it.

I also discovered the importance of completing the project to my fullest potential.  During finals week, it is so easy to be burnt out, but I must keep going.  Every time I see Jay, he says, "I can't wait to see your project at the end of the year." He even sent me an e-mail with his resume because "you might be able to use this for your piece."  I am lucky he is so willing to contribute.

What’s Next:

I am planning on presenting again to my friends who are non A&D majors to see their take on my presentation.

I am reaching out to multiple individuals in the next two weeks. 

I am going to transform the images I got from Jay to black/white, with his captions on them.

Practice, and fix my slideshow so that I can be confident for my December Review presentation.

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