Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Images

Here are some of the new images I put together from Jay's second disposable camera.  These are just a small few.

I had asked Jay his thoughts about panhandlers during the second interview.  He said he really dislikes them, especially the one who won't leave Ann Arbor/Saline Road by the highway entrance.  He took a photo of that man.

"I'm homeless, but I detest panhandlers...I can't get this guy to leave my front yard."

"Another stately home - I'm jealous at his facade"

Last week when it snowed, Jay came home from work to find all of the tents collapsed.  I didn't tell him to date any of his captions, but I really liked how he did on this one.  Makes it more real.

"Snow completely crushed my tent - I hate moving"

Remember in the last black/white series he took a picture of his two tents and wrote "My stately home and storage tent"?  Well check out the storage tent now.

"Storage Tent - Kaput!"  
How does he still manage to have a sense of humor throughout all of this?

"My new place - had to downsize"

One of my favorites:  Jay told me that one of the homeless members found a small tree in the woods and replanted it in the center of the tent community.  The tent community bought garland at Meijers and made pinecone ornaments.  Jay took a picture of it.

On one hand I find this tree really sweet and nice, but at the same time I find it unbelievably sad.

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