Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Perfect Storm

Mike Horvath was at one time a successful TV executive who became homeless.  Now that he has overcome homelessness, he has a plan:  to raise awareness.  His website Invisiblepeople.tv includes videos of homeless individuals (like the one above) and how they struggle everyday.  He interviews homeless people from California to New York.

He discusses how today we have a "crisis on our hands....a perfect storm of homelessness."

He was featured on the front page of cnn.com today.  Check it out.  He also uses social media to raise awareness, something I most definitely need to start doing in the next semester.

Interesting point:  when I interviewed Jay and asked him what the public can do to help the homeless, his response wasn't even a monetary solution.  It was:  "to have some compassion."  Similarly, many people in this video said the same.

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