Sunday, January 31, 2010

Learning Sound

This experience has been awesome because I get to experiment with sound- what works & what doesn't.

For the doorknobs piece I want to experiment with using background sounds.  Because the tent community is located right on Ann Arbor/Saline Road and the highway entrance ramp, I recorded highway sounds today.  However, the strong wind factor caused pretty poor results.  I have these small windscreens that came with the recorder but they don't seem to help much.  I will have to wait for better weather conditions.  Or maybe there is a free website where I can download sounds of the highway- just to test it out.  

I also recorded zippers and doorknobs.  I'm afraid these sounds will distract the listener.  So if I use them, they will have to be very well done.


  1. Quick thought Meg--
    Yes, today was windy! I would go back when it's less windy.
    Also, be strategic with mic placement -- away from oncoming wind, perhaps recording with a wind shield such as an umbrella or even in your car with your window open.

    You may find that even recording sounds of the street in town may be useful for now.

    I agree that the zippers and doorknob sounds risk distracting the listener.

    Look forward to listening to the audio postings--


  2. Hey Megan,

    I also look forward to hearing the audio postings. For Tuesday crits, think about how specifically the group can be helpful for the time allotted; what exactly can the group give you feedback on- so that you remain working in a highly productive mode. It sounds like you're having some really productive explorations, and I think the sound will really add a lot to your work-
    I'm excited to hear more!