Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Technical Aspect

I have been reading up on how to approach my project from a technical standpoint.  I know I want strong audio and vivid photography.  But what comes first?  Do I record and photograph my subject the same day?  I found a Q & A in the Times, regarding the 1 in 8 million series.  This answer has provided me some insight:

"For One in 8, Todd Heisler doesn't shoot any photographs until we've interviewed the subject and edited the tape down to a manageable length, about 4 to 10 minutes. This allows us to be sure a piece is going to work from an audio story standpoint before we pursue images. It also allows Todd to listen to the tape and get to know the character and the story before he and Meaghan Looram, the project's picture editor, brainstorm photo situations. When everything goes right, I think this way of working helps us create the kind of intimate, cohesive pieces that we're trying for."

This is a smart approach.  This ensures that each story flows well with photographs and audio.  The audio story is vital to the piece- it is the soul of my project.  But the photographs will make this compelling.  I need to ensure there is a cohesive flow and that I can match the audio with strong photographs.  

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