Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NYC Alliance for the Arts

The guide I am designing for the NYC Alliance for the Arts is in its final stages. I took some shots for you to see.

NYC-Arts is responsible for publishing all of the cultural and art information for NYC. The guide is about 125 pages long, and includes hundreds of NYC museums and organizations for seniors, including the Guggenheim, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and MOMA. The guide lists senior discounts as well as information about disability access. The guide is meant to work in both printable and PDF formats.

I made sure the PDF version of the guide has hyperlinks all throughout so that you can easily click to the organization's websites. The index and contents are also interactive, so you can quickly navigate through the PDF.

This guide will be widely available on the website, and will be sent to over 5,000 arts funders, cultural leaders, policymakers, bloggers, and other media.

Take a look!


  1. Love it Flood! Great font choices, per usual. Love the front cover. Just the touch of class Big Chair likes.

  2. I agree with nicole. big fan of that font! nicely done, meg